The ever-changing global business environment has created a need for efficient managers who have through understanding of various concepts, planning and execution skills, are adept in crisis management, and also possess reputation management skills. The Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) course is devised to instruct students on various different aspects of business. The course is structured to empower students in various areas of business management such as planning and strategizing, organizing, executing, directing, monitoring, staffing, and budgeting. Thorough knowledge and exposure in these areas help graduates of this course to manage businesses of different sizes.


Columbia College offers the BBM program from Bangalore University. The college is known for its innovative and practical coaching and has gained a commendable reputation among the BBM colleges in Bangalore. This three-year degree provides comprehensive coursework which enhances the theoretical knowledge and practical execution of important business principles in accounting, business law, management, sales and marketing.

Students at the end of the BBM course will have gained expertise in:


  • Communication skills required in maintaining employee relations, for effective communication with stakeholders, training, motivation of employees, coordination of various processes and for organizing.
  • Manage Financial Aspects including financial statements and balance sheets, inventory, sales, payroll, and purchases.
  • Planning marketing and sales strategy, product launches, pricing, and promotion
  • Improving operations of different process to enhance performance.

These skills make graduates ready for employment in a various market sectors and job profiles. Students with 10+2 PUC or equivalent qualification are eligible for BBM course.